Formation of a healthy lifestyle in a younger schooler with the means of physical education

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Ivan Vasilevich Takhistov
Tatiana Vyacheslavovna Bevza
Timur Mukhtarovich Huseynov
Ignat Olegovich Epifanov


Comparison of the effectiveness of general educational and specially directed methods of physical education in relation to a healthy lifestyle is carried out. During the study, it was proved that pedagogical activity, specially organized for the formation of a healthy lifestyle among junior schoolchildren of physical culture, increasing students' interest in their health; forms an emotionally positive attitude towards one's health; will contribute to the assimilation of knowledge about a healthy lifestyle and their application in practice.

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Takhistov, I. V., Bevza, T. V., Huseynov, T. M., & Epifanov, I. O. (2022). Formation of a healthy lifestyle in a younger schooler with the means of physical education. Scientific Journal of Sport and Performance, 1(4), 321–336.
Physical Education


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