The use of the vibroacoustic system for determining the range of a ski jump for training athletes

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Dmitry Kiesewetter
Victor Malyugin
Konstantin Korotkov
Sergey Zyryanov


The principle of vibroacoustic systems operation for determining the distance of a ski jump from a springboard, the possible location of sensors on the springboard and sensor signals that occur when athlete lands are considered. The problems of calculating the jump distance and methods for solving these problems are described. The interrelation of the technique of performing a jump (the spatial position of the skis at the time of landing and the normal component of the landing speed relative to the surface of the springboard) with the form of sensor signals is considered. Real waveforms of signals obtained both during the summer artificial covering of the springboard and in winter, as well as generalized results of experimental operation of the system on springboards with different heights of the acceleration mountain are presented. It is shown that the use of vibroacoustic systems allows achieving the required accuracy of determining the ski jump distance – 0.5 m, and the integration of the system with the general jump monitoring system opens up new opportunities for independent training of athletes and training of a group of athletes under the guidance of a coach.

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Kiesewetter, D., Malyugin, V., Korotkov, K., & Zyryanov, S. (2022). The use of the vibroacoustic system for determining the range of a ski jump for training athletes. Scientific Journal of Sport and Performance, 1(4), 369–377.
Performance Analysis of Sport and Physical Conditioning


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