Effects of ergogenic supplements and dietary supplements on young athletes’ performance A review

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Ekta Singh Chauhan
Mansi Chaudhary
Ridhima Singh


Physical exercise is becoming more prevalent in today’s lifestyle and makes physically fit, and promotes different types of development or skills. Athletes rely on sports nutrition supplements: ergogenic and dietary supplements; these supplements fulfill the nutritional requirements, save time and achieve health goals. Many athletes don't have sufficient knowledge related to the safety of using ergogenic supplements. There are various ergogenic supplements used by athletes but excess of these supplements has been linked to major health problems. Dietary supplements are more nutritious and safer than ergogenic supplements. They are not a prescription medicine and to cure illnesses of the athletes.

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Chauhan, E. S., Chaudhary, M. ., & Singh, R. (2022). Effects of ergogenic supplements and dietary supplements on young athletes’ performance: A review. Scientific Journal of Sport and Performance, 1(2), 71–82. https://doi.org/10.55860/VZJN9038
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Ekta Singh Chauhan, Banasthali University

Associate Professor. Department of Food Science and Nutrition.

Mansi Chaudhary, Banasthali University

Research Scholar. Department of Food Science and Nutrition.

Ridhima Singh, Banasthali University

Research Scholar. Department of Food Science and Nutrition.


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