Published: 2022-07-01

Competing against another athlete side-by-side improves 60 m sprint running performance

Gaku Kakehata, Hiroki Tsukamoto, Yuta Goto, Shigeo Iso, Kazuyuki Kanosue


Validity and reliability of a unique aerobic field test for estimating VO2max among basketball players

Roni Gottlieb, Asaf Shalom, Pedro Emilio Alcaraz, Julio Calleja-González


The effect of sensor position shifts on tensiomyographic parameters

Stefanie John, Nico Leon Stallmach, Kerstin Witte


Effects of animal-assisted therapy in older adults with cognitive impairment

A systematic review

Nicole Reyes Valenzuela, Álvaro Uribe Elgueta, Bairon Mansilla Montaña, Josue Pérez Gatica, Nicole B. Fritz, María José Gomis Gomis


Relationship between hip muscle strength and lower extremity injuries in soccer players

Systematic review

Alexandra Yévenes Ulloa, Enzo Altamirano Miranda, Constanza Pereira Parra, Franco Barría Saldivia, María José Gomis Gomis, Nicole B. Fritz Silva, Guido Contreras Díaz