Analysing factors impacting Bangladesh men's T20 cricket performance

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Anamul Haque Sajib
Shakib Hasan Limon
Adiat Ibn Naser
Goutam Saha


Over the past decade, the T20 cricket format has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity within the cricketing community. While top-tier teams such as England, Pakistan, Australia, India, and South Africa have embraced this format with ease, others like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, and Sri Lanka are facing challenges in adapting to it. This study seeks to identify the key factors influencing the performance of the Bangladesh men's cricket team, utilizing data sourced from ESPNcricinfo. The binary logistic regression model is considered to analyze the data as the response variable is binary (match won or lost). Examining the output of the binary logistic regression, it becomes evident that factors such as 'Location' (the venue where a match took place), 'Most Wickets' (wherein at least one player took 3 or more wickets), and 'One-Digit Score' (signifying scenarios where less than 3, 3 to 6, or more than 6 batsmen scored in the one-digit range) exhibit notable and statistically significant effects on team performance. Notably, variables such as the inclusion of Shakib Al Hasan and the Five Pillars (the concurrent presence of Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, Tamim Iqbal, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, and Mahmudullah Riyad) do not demonstrate any substantial impact on the team's performance. These research findings hold the potential to inform strategic planning aimed at enhancing the Bangladesh men's cricket team's performance.

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Sajib, A. H., Limon, S. H., Naser, A. I., & Saha, G. (2023). Analysing factors impacting Bangladesh men’s T20 cricket performance. Scientific Journal of Sport and Performance, 3(1), 79–94.
Performance Analysis of Sport and Physical Conditioning
Author Biographies

Anamul Haque Sajib, University of Dhaka

Department of Statisitcs.

Shakib Hasan Limon, University of Dhaka

Department of Statisitcs.

Adiat Ibn Naser, University of Dhaka

Department of Statisitcs.

Goutam Saha, University of Dhaka

Department of Mathematics.


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