Relationship between hip muscle strength and lower extremity injuries in soccer players Systematic review

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Alexandra Yévenes Ulloa
Enzo Altamirano Miranda
Constanza Pereira Parra
Franco Barría Saldivia
María José Gomis Gomis
Nicole B. Fritz Silva
Guido Contreras Díaz


The objective of this review was to analyse the relationship between hip strength and lower extremity injuries in soccer players. PubMed, Scopus and WOS databases were reviewed. The initial search yielded a total of 613 studies, of which 6 were selected. The studies evaluated the movements of hip adduction, abduction, flexion and extension, in different positions, through dynamometry, concluding that the decrease in hip strength is a risk factor for lower extremity injuries in youth and professional soccer players, which can be determined through isometric, concentric, and eccentric strength testing.

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Yévenes Ulloa, A., Altamirano Miranda, E., Pereira Parra, C., Barría Saldivia, F., Gomis Gomis, M. J., Fritz Silva, N. B., & Contreras Díaz, G. (2022). Relationship between hip muscle strength and lower extremity injuries in soccer players: Systematic review. Scientific Journal of Sport and Performance, 1(2), 62–70.
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Author Biographies

Alexandra Yévenes Ulloa, University of Los Lagos

Health Department.

Enzo Altamirano Miranda, University of Los Lagos

Health Department.

Constanza Pereira Parra, University of Los Lagos

Health Department.

Franco Barría Saldivia, University of Los Lagos

Health Department.

María José Gomis Gomis, University of Alicante

Research Group on Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

Nicole B. Fritz Silva, University of Los Lagos & University of Valencia

Health Department. University of Los Lagos. Puerto Montt, Chile.
Research Group in Prevention and Health in Exercise and Sport (PHES). University of Valencia. Valencia, Spain.

Guido Contreras Díaz, University of Los Lagos

Health Department.


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