Comprehensive approach to physical skill in different age groups in sports games A review

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Blerina Mema
Enkeleida Lleshi


The formation of young athletes is very important and for this it is necessary to build appropriate training programs that help them grow, develop to have results in sports activities in which they participate. Methods: This literature review was conducted in accordance with the guidelines for meta- analyses of (Tricco et al. 2018), to address the research questions. To collect the data for our study, 4 bibliographic databases (PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science and Pro Quest) were used using the Jab Ref program. Results: From 105 articles in incompatibility with the concept of dexterity, speed, strength, coordination only 23 scientific articles that matched our requirements remained for our study. Conclusions: From this study some light can be shed and some recommendations can be made to guide future research efforts. Data from several studies have identified that combined training programs can be considered a safe and successful method when working with adolescents. Training and testing of athletes must be structured in specific ways. Assessments are important for coaches to identify athletes' strengths and weaknesses in order to adapt and apply the appropriate training method. Comprehensive assessments are needed to draw conclusions about the origins of changes in agility and coordination performance.

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Mema, B., & Lleshi, E. (2023). Comprehensive approach to physical skill in different age groups in sports games: A review. Scientific Journal of Sport and Performance, 3(1), 122–129.
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Blerina Mema, Sports University of Tirana

Department of Education and Health. Faculty of Movement Science.

Enkeleida Lleshi, Sports University of Tirana

Department of Sports Performance. Sports Research Institute.


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