Published: 2024-04-01

Effects of a portable, cable-based concentric-only resistance machine on muscular strength in untrained young adults

Trent Yamamoto, Andrew C. Kim, Sarah Mettias, Bilal Pandit, Thalia H. Nguyen, Dominic M. Benna, Trevor L. Nguyen, August E. Blatney, Ross J. Lechner, Mitchell S. Mologne, Eric V. Neufeld, Brett A. Dolezal


Effects of physical activity on levels of anxiety, depression, and stress during the social isolation caused by COVID-19

Maria Eduarda Cavalcante Félix, Pedro Pinheiro Paes, Marlene Salvina Fernandes Costa, Walmir Romário Santos, Wlaldemir Roberto Santos


User perception and acceptance of softshell headgear amongst youth rugby players

Annette Gail Heward-Swale, Natalia Kabaliuk, Nicole Spriggs, Stefan Henley, Michael Hamlin, Nick Draper