Published: 2023-10-01

The influence of a COVID-19 induced reduction in game time on the match activity profiles of elite Australian Rules Football players

Samuel J. Janetzki, Clint R. Bellenger, Alex O. Natera, Nick Poulos, Ellise M. W. Harmer, Pitre C. Bourdon


Impact of short term training on morphological, physical fitness and physiological variables of middle distance runners

Soumyadip Ghosh, Sayan Jyoti Bera, Kingshuk Ghosh, Pritee Singha, Atanu Jana, Indranil Manna


Inclusion of a connected adaptive resistance exercise machine in a 6-week training regimen with collegiate basketball players

A double-blind randomized controlled trial

Trent Yamamoto, Bilal Pandit, Michael Viggiano, Corinne McCabe, Emily Mickelsen, Cooper Geralds, Michelle Jeon, Irene Ulitsky, Andrew Kim, Mitchell S. Mologne, Brett A. Dolezal


Sleep, nutrition, hydration and rest

The equal importance of external factors outside of training and practice for sports injury prevention

Troy B. Puga, Rishabh M. Mazumder, Tiffany Ruan, Nicholas Scigliano, Grace E. Thiel, Kevin Treffer